The English Class 28

The idea behind this page is to provide distance learning to students learning English. The lessons have been categorized according to level to allow students to choose the programme that suits them best. Beginner level is equivalent to the learning attainments at year 6 and 7, Intermediate year 8 and 9 , while Advanced for students attending year 10 and 11. The lessons are meant to take an average of an hour and a half to work out.

This project is the work of Mrs Diana Carabott, currently English teacher at SMC Verdala, Cospicua. With over 12 years teaching in public schools, an MA in ICT and Education and a vast experience using technology-enhanced methodologies, this website is a culmination of her experience and studies.

For more information you can visit the blog: https://mscarabott.wordpress.com/ or look me up in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrsCarabott/

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